We have adopted the tree as the symbol of our firm, it denotes stability and growth. As symbols of the diversity of our clients and their individual business we have adopted several different species.

Most clients will recognise the Oak. The others may not be so easily identified, here is the correct description of them all.

Silver Lime Tree - Tilia tomentosa

Silver Lime Tree leaves

Deciduous tree of up to 30m in height. The leaves are 6-12cm long, roundish heart shaped in outline, short-pointed at the tip. Their colour is dark green above and felted pale grey-green beneath. Native to South East Europe and Northern Asia Minor, these trees were first planted in Central Europe around 1770. A favourite street tree in towns because of its tolerance of poor quality air.

Turkey Oak Tree - Quercus cerris

Turkey Oak Tree leaves

Deciduous Beech family shrub or tree of up to 30m high with branchlets of olive green and red at first. The leaves are 6-15cm long with 7-9 irregular lobes on each side, varied in outline with the greatest breadth of the leaf in its upper third. Found in hot parts of hilly areas, especially in woods and on stony slopes. Traditionally the Oak family is regarded as the king of trees. In Greece and Italy the Oak is known as the first tree, to which the origin of man can be traced back.

Maidenhair Tree - Ginkgo biloba

Maidenhair Tree leaves

Deciduous tree, 30-40m high. The leaves are medium to dark green in colour, 6-10cm long, fan-shaped in outline and irregularly undulated. Ancient in origin, this decorative park and gardens tree was protected from extinction through cultivation in Chinese and Japanese temple gardens. The only surviving Ginkgo, the Maidenhair is once again to be found all over the world and has been planted in Europe since about 1730.

London Plane Tree - Platanus hybrida

London Plane Tree leaves

Deciduous tree up to 40m high. The leaves are shiny green, slightly lighter in colour underneath. Normally 10-25cm long and similar in breadth, the leaves have an outline similar to Maple, with 3 or 5 main lobes which are pointed in shape. The origin of this tree is unknown, but it is frequently found planted as a park or street tree throughout Central Europe, as it thrives on the very dry air of towns.

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